The History of Pasta Recipes:

Medieval Italian cookbooks contained recipes for lasagna, ravioli, linguini and vermicelli.

These are the first pasta shapes in the history of Italian food. Pasta recipes of the past involved small, fine pasta such as vermicelli cooked in soups, broths or in almond milk to create a gruel or mush. Sound yummy? NOT! Because Pasta and flour, during it’s beginning stages of evolution in Italy, was considered to be food for the affluent and rich. So whatever pasta was available to the less affluent population was tossed into soups to make it go a long way and were usually served on special occasions. Some you may be familiar with as the tradition has carried on into the 20th Century. Italian Easter soup named Stracciatella for instance or one of my favorites Pasta Fagioli.

Losyngys was, what we today consider, lasagna. However you wouldn’t recognize it by any lasagna recipe you would find in a restaurant or home kitchen today. It was layered but it had a sweet flavor rather then herbal and tomato sauce and although it had cheese it didn’t have any meat or vegetables. Ravioli, even back in the early 14th century you’ll find recipes for fillings of chicken as well as cheese. And gnocchi in the 14th century was made in the same style as todays technique however instead of mashed potatoes they were made with flour and cheese.


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