D’Amore’s School Hot Lunch Program

D’Amore’s has been providing outstanding hot lunch programs to more than 50 different schools in and around Los Angeles and Ventura counties for the last 23 years.

We provide a full 5 day healthy and freshly made hot lunch program. You can also opt for a Pizza Day only program. At D’Amore’s, we love working with schools and it is our pleasure to provide children with healthy and all homemade meals that parents can feel great about ordering. Say goodbye to junky, low quality schoolhot lunches. We also include delivery to your school for easy distribution.

Here are just some of the kids’ favorites:
Baked Ziti, homemade chicken tenders- (we use only hormone free all white meat chicken), Cheese ravioli, grilled cheese sandwiches, spaghetti w/meatsauce or butter and parmesan cheese, chicken quesadillas, toquitos, BBQ chicken sandwiches, Turkey dogs, homemade macaroni and cheese, bean and cheese burritos, ham and cheese calzones and of course PIZZA!

We serve a variety of sides with these meals including choices of but not limited to: fresh cut fruit, chips, gogurt, apple sauce, cookies, fresh vegetables, rice, etc. We will work closely with you to customize your school’s menu. Call your nearest location for more information. References available upon request.



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